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Join us at our Conference Session at the European Geophysical Union Meeting, Vienna, 3-8 May 2020:

Coastal Sedimentary Landform Stability (GM6.5) Co-organized by OS2/SSP3Convener: Iris Moeller | Co-conveners: Simon J. Carr, Ben EvansECS, Katherine Royse, Kate Spencer

Abstract submission:



As the UK prepares for the coastal impacts of climate change, we determine how resistant salt marshes are and launch our first film! Watch it here:

Past Events:

German newspaper and radio coverage of the Hydralab+ EU funded experiment of which our RESIST soil cores form an integral part:

Article in ‘Neue Presse’ Newspaper, Hannover, 17th August 2018 (in German)

Article in ‘Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung’ Newspaper, 17th August 2018 (in German)

Radio item in Deutschlandfunk (DLF) on 17th August 2018 (in German)

14th May 2018: Pint of Science Talk by Dr Iris Möller asking ‘Can we use nature to protect ourselves from nature?’

Video footage of waves in the large wave flume (Grosser Wellen-Kanal) in Hannover, where RESIST cores are being exposed to waves:

Time Lapse of past large flume experiment:


Iris Möller, Matthias Kudella, Franziska Rupprecht, Tom Spencer, Maike Paul,
Bregje K. vanWesenbeeck, GuidoWolters, Kai Jensen, Tjeerd J. Bouma,
Martin Miranda-Lange and Stefan Schimmels

Nature Geoscience: